New King Yen Chinese Restaurant located in Agawam, MA

I've been going to New King Yen for over ten years. My wife's family originally introduced me to their Chinese food back in 2001.

There are a few Chinese restaurants in the area, but since I was always pleased with King Yen's food, we have always ordered or frequently dined there.

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In July of 2011, after having picked my brother up from an airport in Boston we had decided to order in. Since we've been going to New King Yen in Agawam for such a long time, we both had our favorites.

I called and ordered an order of chicken fried rice, an order of General Tso's chicken and an appetizer combo #2. I don't really like the chicken fingers that come with the app combo, so I usually substitute it for beef teriyaki. I did the same on that Sunday.

As usual, my order was ready in 10 minutes for pick up. I drove to New King Yen in Agawam to pick up my Chinese food, paid, and drove back home. When I got home and opened the bag with my order in it, I realized that instead of the appetizer combo I got something else.

I dialed King Yen's number and explained that for some reason my order was wrong. In 10 years of both dining in and ordering out my order has never been wrong, so I thought that maybe the high school student taking my order just made a mistake. On the phone I was told that the order should have been right, but they will get me what I want if I come back to pick it up, and that it would be ready when I get there.

I got back in my car and drove back to King Yen; I got there about 10 minutes later and was greeted by the wife of the owner. Her English wasn't that good but she asked me what happened. I went to explain that I ordered an appetizer combo #2 and ended up with something else. She asked the guy who took my order over the phone, and he said at I asked for dinner combo #2.

New King Yen Chinese Restaurant Agawam, MA food photo

Now, it does not take a rocket scientist to learn a menu at your favorite Chinese place in Agawam after 10 years of going there, plus I did list what I wanted in my combo because of the substitution (that's by the way is an extra $1, which I said was ok).

She went on to ask me if I had the food with me. To which I replied that my family has already started dinner and I wasn't asked to bring anything back when I called to complain. She started to tell me that she couldn’t give me the new combo until I had the other order back so that she could bring it back to the kitchen. Now I'm frustrated with having my order wrong, having to drive there, being treated like an idiot, and now she is asking me to go back and bring the wrong order back so that she can put it back in the kitchen?!

At that point she could not continue talking to me, so she went into the kitchen and called her son to speak to me. On the way out they exchange a few words in Chinese, after which he said to me, "What's going on here?!" with a bit of edge to his voice. I went on to explain what has happened and that I just wanted the order that I have placed in the first place. He went on to ask the guy who took my order about what I have ordered over the phone, which made me feel stupid again. Honestly, who's ass do you think a high school student is going to cover?!

I tried to explain to him that I was ordering an appetizer combo and instead I got something else. I could not get my whole story out because he interrupted me about 6 times to tell me that I ordered wrong in the first place, that they weren't going to replace my order and even if they did, I would have to drive back home to bring the food back.

I finally raised my voice and told him that he needed to listen to me rather than keep talking over me. I told him that I have been coming to New King Yen in Agawam for over 10 years and (having done some quick math) have spent over $12000 there with my family. I also told him that I have the entire menu pretty much memorized and that because I always order the same thing, there is no way that I would have ordered a dinner combo instead on an appetizer combo, and besides that point, I still listed the items that I wanted, along with the substitution of one of the items.

New King Yen Chinese Restaurant Agawam, MA food photo

He insisted on telling me that I am not getting anything for free and that I had to bring the other food back. I told him that I wasn't looking to get anything for free, only to get the food that I've ordered. He kept on telling me and telling me to go back and bring the order back.

At this stage, I was horribly treated by the two owners and an employee of the restaurant, humiliated in front of other customers, made fun of by the son of the owner and made feel like an idiot, so I told him that if he is willing to insist on making me bring back a $8 dollar combo in order to get my right order he was going to lose my business for ever. Considering that we've spent over $12k there in last 10 year, he would be loosing a lot of money. He stated again that I need to go back and bring the food, I told him once again, "So, you are willing to lose over $12000 worth of business over an $8 meal?!” and I walked out.

I think that this was a horrible way of treating any customer, never mind a loyal customer of over 10 years. I am disappointed because I genuinely have enjoyed their food, but I simply can't overlook the terrible customer service and disrespect I endured.

You can continue to go to New King Yen in Agawam for your Chinese food, but I hope that you keep this story in mind when you spend your money there.

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